I have NEVER seen influencer marketing used to promote an insulation product or service. My question is Why?

With previous projects I have worked on (DRYU) influencer marketing was one of the marketing strategies I used frequently. As an active, outdoors lifestyle consumer product, watersports events , high profile drivers and travel bloggers it seemed like a perfect fit.

Why can’t influencer marketing be the perfect fit for the insulation industry?

The Traditional Marketing Route

If we are going down the traditional technical route, a celebrity or influential figure might not be the best way to communicate the key benefits.

But given the speed in which people scroll through twitter, linkedin and facebook feeds and dare I say it magazines is the traditional technical, product image or installation route still relevant?

I’m Bored of Boards

I’m a afraid a rigid board with a shiny face or a roll of wool doesn’t do enough to capture my warrant a second glance or capture my imagination enough to justify a click.

No wonder, i find myself stopping to watch IKO’s plastic ducks fill my screen when I am scrolling through an insulation search in twitter.

The ducks  are a lot more interesting and stand out more than another board, roll, roof or floor:

The ducks have my interest, they have justified a place in this blog.

Does that not say enough about the need for insulation companies to think a bit more outside of the box?

Is the industry in general missing a prime opportunity to catch the eye and position themselves in the long term memory of potential customers?

Isn’t todays challenge to cut through the noise, spark interest and get audiences to click on your website, share, call or email?

Influencer Marketing in Insulation

Profile influencers could provide the shortcut your insulation company needs to get your product or service noticed.

The Celebrity Route

Getting a TV personality Kevin McCloud or Nick Knowles to endorse your insulation product would be the obvious choice.

They would tick all the boxes in terms of their credibility within the construction and insulation industry, but such is their familiarity in the industry would they have the desired impact?

Or would their clout be diluted by their frequent involvement?

Let’s push the conventional boundaries a bit. How about Professor Brian Cox endorsing a “futuristic” insulation product like Kingspan’s Optim-R or Actis’ range of multi-foils. How about Usain Bolt or Lewis Hamilton endorsing a product that can be installed really quickly. Mo Farah, for a product that has excellent endurance and lifespan.

Those figureheads would surely catch the eye on twitter, or an A4 magazine advert that showing an insulation product being installed on a wall, roof or floor?

The New Face of Influence

The influencers above are the household names, the celebrities, the premium choice exclusively available to a few elite brands. Realms in which even the biggest insulation brands may not want to risk entering.

However, in a marketing space dominated by social media there are a wealth of influencers that could potentially carry even greater influence, without consuming marketing budgets.

There must be countless Twitter and youtube members with thousands of followers (big audiences) actively working in construction or insulation, eager to enhance their own celebrity by endorsing your product or service.

Insulation doesn’t have the appeal of big lifestyle brands, but the workers within the industry may more than welcome the opportunity to create their own celebrity niche in a world of me-too fashion, travel and fitness bloggers.

You may only need to give them some freebies to encourage them to start a nationwide or even global online conversation about your insulation company.

You might argue there audiences aren’t your target demographic, but what better time to sew the seeds of success for your insulation products and services amongst younger generations fundamental to the industry’s future.

Stuck in Tradition

At least in my head this discussion opens a wealth of influencer marketing opportunities to insulation companies looking to gain greater traction in the insulation industry. Untrodden territory waiting to be invaded by insulation companies everywhere. Or will the industry continue to remain static in its marketing traditions.


This post is inspired by a brief conversation I had with Paul Forrester the Technical writer for Insulate Magazine about the lack of innovation in construction marketing, followed by listening to a podcast on influencer marketing the next morning. The lesson? Listen and Learn.

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