Your construction business knows it needs to utilise multichannel marketing tools as a means to reach your target customer. But are the messages your business is delivering clear, consistent and fully focused on meeting the exact needs of your customers to the highest standards? It’s time for your construction business to take its marketing operations to another level and adopt an omnichannel approach that will lead to greater customer retention and revenues.

Succeed in Construction With Omnichannel Marketing

As a construction business in todays fast paced environment your marketing activities are conducted across multiple platforms.

This is what is known as Multichannel Marketing.

The channels of interaction in the multichannel will look something like this, with the focus on getting the most out of each of these channels.


  • Website
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Website
  • App (Possibly)


  • Exhibitions,
  • Company literature,
  • Distributors and merchants
  • Promotional materials (pens, keychains, uniforms etc),
  • Vehicle signage,
  • Product packaging
  • Trade Press
  • Local/Nationwide Radio
  • Word of Mouth

These marketing channels represent valuable opportunities for your construction brand and business to be seen by potential customers. We could go even further and break each down into individual documents, social media channels, web pages, and promotional materials but hopefully you get the idea.

Portrayed like this its easy to consider each multichannel marketing tool as “options to be used” rather than specifically serving a purpose of making the customer experience consistent and high quality.

To be able to promote your business across all of these channels is one thing, but to do it effectively is another.

Omnichannel Construction Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a level of interaction beyond multichannel marketing.

There is a greater emphasis on providing the customer with the best possible experience, which makes there decision to purchase effortless.

The multichannel approach focus’ on the channel as a tool, the customer experience is at the heart of omnichannel.

When we discuss construction business marketing in the omnichannel the focus is on the multichannel sales approach that provides the customer with an identical experience of the highest standard.

The omnichannel marketing and sales approach for a construction business today might look something like this:

High Street Builders Merchant Exists in the current omni-channel

The circular nature of the construction business omnichannel identifies the need for absolute consistency in the message delivered across all potential platforms.

With all of these marketing messages consistent across all areas of the omnichannel construction business’ are better placed to create strong long lasting relationships and increase sales.

Imagine the wrong marketing messages were being delivered by the Builders Merchant, this would serve to distort the other aspects of the omnichannel and have a damaging effect on consistent circular fluidity of the marketing operations.

The omnichannel breakdowns and the likelihood the same can be said for the customers confidence in your business.

Here are two examples of that compare the consequences of an inconsistent and consistent marketing approach:

Scenario 1: Inconsistent Construction Marketing

Your ideal customer sees your product in a builders warehouse, the logo on the packaging is red and white, the description underneath reads “The perfect solution for all floors“.

Naturally your customer wants to find out more about your products so they visit your website on their smartphone.

The logo on the website is now blue with yellow text and there is no strapline.

Immediately alarm bells are ringing, but your ideal customer is really interested in your product.

Continuing to explore your website he/she finds a brochure with details of your product, the logo here is red and white.

This issue alone is unforgivable in itself, but the situation becomes worse when the customer reads “designed for wet rooms” in the brochure body text.

The customer rings the call centre for clarification. They answer by saying the products “designed for wet rooms but can be used on all floors

The customer wanted a “solution for all floors” and combined with branding inconsistencies the customers patience and confidence in your product has disappeared.

Your ideal customer has chosen a competitor with a consistent marketing presence across the omnichannel instead.

Scenario 2: The consistent Construction Marketing Omnichannel 

The logo on the product in the builders merchant is red and white, the description reads “The perfect solution for all floors“.

When the consumer looks at your website the logo is red and white at the top of the website and the brochure. The brochure body text reads “The perfect solution for all floors“.

The customer rings the call centre for some more details, the advisor describes the product as “The perfect solution for all floors“.

Your ideal customer buys your product

Construction Marketing in the OmniChannel

The above scenarios give a perfect example of the implications of inconsistent construction marketing activities.

The slightest lack of consistency can lead to a lack of confidence from a perfect customer and catastrophic effects on your business.

By adopting an omnichannel approach where all customer interactions are consistent and of high standard, the customer experience is effortless.

The decision to buy is easier to reach, increasing the opportunity to achieve a sale.

Your marketing presence needs to be seamless. The support for omnichannel marketing is highlighted in recent research that shows customer retention rate is 89% with companies who have strong consistent marketing. Whereas more inconsistent business’ only receive 33% engagement rate. Another research study also found that a consistent omnichannel marketing messages resulted in a revenue increase of 9.5%.

Does Your Construction Business Deliver an Omnichannel Marketing Experience?

For business’ in the built environment the path to greater success is by delivering the highest possible customer experience, consistently across all marketing channels.

The branding and visual appearance of your business is an integral part of achieving consistency.

Is your brand consistent across all your marketing materials, website, literature and social media?

For support on delivering the consistency that omnichannel marketing demands take a look at our branding and graphics design services. We

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