Artificial Intelligence in the construction industry is the obvious route forward, but can uncovering our past help build a better future?

I have written a lot about drones in construction over the last few months. From the ways in which they are already serving the construction industry so effectively, to how they could actually replace humans on construction sites in years to come. However, it appears drones could also take us back in time through construction history…

Discovering the Past and Future of Construction

Unfortunately at the time of writing drones don’t actually have the ability to physically take us back in time. However, if recent footage (captured by helicopter) is anything to go by, drones could certainly be of considerable use when discovering more about the history of building and construction. You can see the footage from the BBC website here: Heatwave reveals Englands’ lost pre-historic sites.

These discoveries are incredible, and provide an unexpected positive to the recent heatwave in the UK. Should we experience similar weather again in the future, drones could prove to be a highly efficient and cost effective method to identify similar pre-historic sites nationwide.

The potential use of drones to uncover historical building developments like these, identifies the opportunity for other forms of Artificial Intelligence to be used to discover and recreate construction history.

  • Augmented reality could be used to view the ancient properties where they originally stood, in a similar way to how the technology is used to show building projects before they are built.
  • Virtual Reality could take things even a step further and allow construction history to be experienced in a virtual environment.
  • AI operated machines to help discover new finds on ancient building developments through excavation.

There is a Future, but there is also a Past

The temptation is to obsess over how Artificial Intelligence in the industry can take us forward, but it is important to learn about the past and how it could assist in creating a better future. Taking a step back shouldn’t always be considered a negative, given the opportunities it can create for the future.

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