Creating Your Social Media Designs

To create the social media materials that your great products, services and systems deserve, I have a creative process that explores your business needs, your preferences and brings them together with the needs of your target audience.

The Process Behind Building Your Social Media Designs

Your Business

Understanding your business, its products, services and systems is the start of building your new social media. I will provide you with a detailed questionnaire asking questions about you, your business, how many social media accounts you operate, the products/services/cases to be featured in your social media designs, your target audience and your personal thoughts and aims from the social media designs.


I study your feedback in detail, using any existing social media activity, websites or documents to better understand your products/services. I research your construction industry competitors activity on social media and begin to build a profile of your target customers. Findings are reported back to you for approval and further discussion.

Design Drafts

Taking the analysis as the foundation, I begin to design a collection of example social media designs (approx 5) for the social media accounts. Designs will remain true to the agreed analysis.

Designing for Social

Once the initial social media designs have been approved, we will agree how many graphics you require for a specific product/service/case study. I will go ahead and design the remaining designs based on the package you have chosen. Typically 30 designs would be produced each month, but it is up to you how your designs are supplied. The maximum time allocated to create your designs is based on the package you have chosen

Final Approval

The designs will be provided to you in a single social media format (for example twitter).

  • You will have 5 days to approve the designs
  • Once approved I will re-create the designs based on the number of social media accounts required

Social Media Showcase

All of the social media designs will be supplied to you via email in flattened PNG format, ready for you to post on your social media accounts.

If you need support with publishing the content on social media please contact me.

Ready to Build Your Social Media Designs?